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Wednesday readings

The links below allow you to view the complete text of recent Wednesday meeting readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, and the hymn numbers. These readings are formatted for printing.

We hope you enjoy these readings.

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Topic (if specified)

No half-way cure for God's child
Base your prayer on man's perfection
The realism of man as God's expression
No insurmountable obstacle to Truth
The divine oneness of government and governed
Man never born and never dying
Dismissing doubt — rejoicing in Love's confidence
God is everywhere, right now
Life undisturbable
But one power in the universe
God meets all of our daily needs
The gratitude effect
Moving beyond aging
Chance and accident unknown to God
Real identity
Love cares for every one of us, no exceptions
You are governed by divine law, not by chance
How can I be a better neighbor?
Persevere in truth and you will win
We have no enemies

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